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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."

Doranna Durgin
Doranna Durgin is an award-winning author whose quirky spirit led to an extensive publishing journey across genres, publishers, and publishing lines. Fantasy, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Mystery, a batch of tie-in books and a smattering of Science Fiction in both novel and short story forms--you can find them all in her fifty-plus titles, always with a special nod to the animals and natural world we all love.

Beyond that, she hangs around outside her Southwest mountain home with horse and accomplished competition dogs. She doesn't believe in mastering the beast within, but in channeling its power--for good or bad has yet to be decided!

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  • Rings of Ranadir, a novel of the Wolverine's Daughter, is in production!

  • The first author versions of the Dale Kinsall Mysteries are in production!

  • Fantasy: "Clockwork Unicorn" is available in Lace & Blade 5 (yay!!).  And here's a very cool interview of, yes, ME!

  • Fantasy/Paranormal: The Demon Blade books are getting blurbs.  I'm about to take a poll, because...decisions, decisions...

  • Science Fiction: "Finding Parker" is available in the Tales of Plexis anthology (DAW)--and I just put the rarely available short story, Fountane Of, up at Curious Fictions.  Look, here's a link!

  • Romantic Suspense: Suspense/paranormal Chameleon, a nearly-novel, is waiting its turn for production while I fiddle with the blurbery for the renamed Hunter & Hunted series.  It turns out that those books are more along the thriller spectrum, so I'm going for it.

  • Blogging!  I just started poking at the Wordplay blog again after a long sabbatical.  It's a quirky place of books and horses and dogs and sometimes even opinions.  Most recently I posted a short story in installments, and have been introducing the current dog pack--stay tuned for some news on that front.  The blog lives here, unless you want to sign up to receive it in email.  (I'm lazy so I sign up for the blogs I like!)

    My books are SF/F, mystery, paranormal romance, & romantic suspense. My world is the Southwest, and my dogs are Beagles!