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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


mockingbird watercolor Once upon a time I graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Natural Resources, Environmental Ed, honors program specialty Wildlife Illustration. Yes, I was the park naturalist who took people on hikes and who introduced the natural world to kids who think milk comes from grocery stores, and not from cows. But soon enough I moved into a remote region of the Appalachians, where there wasn't much call for my line of work. People there, after all, live smack in the midst of nature. But dabbled for many years, and still hope to return to it again...

(Mind you, I'm much better at creating the art than I am at taking photos of it....never mind photos from the '90s when the tech was less advanced. Shadows & such are from mats or frames)

Rethia and Hoppy My riding pal Rethia on her gelding Hoppy, one of two racking horses who inspired Sky of Touched By Magic.

Strider the most loyal WonderHound, with visions of treeing 'coons Blue Hound

A couple of portraits:
Brody the Lab... ...and Seymour Cat      

Feeding Time Just for fun....and no,
those aren't birds!
Think fire-breathing....
Jess And yes, I have my own visions of my own characters...just never enough time to put them down on paper. Usually. Here's the exception: Dun Lady's Jess. She hangs in my office...