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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Storm of Reckoning

"Storm of Reckoning broadens Garrie's understanding of herself and what she can handle, leaving readers with a big cliffhanger that is sure to open even more potential paths for her and her team. Durgin deftly focuses on the question of what love can conquer."
--Romantic Times

"It simply amazes me how much action Durgin can pack into so few pages without losing sight of the goal at hand."
--Night Owl Reviews


Hidden Steel Hidden Steel Making the Rules A Feral DarknessSeer's Blood The Heart of Dog Wolverine's Daughter
Deep River ReckoningThe ScoriaThe ScoriaA Bitch in Time A Bitch in Time A Bitch in TimeFountane Of


The Reckoners kicks off a new contemporary fantasy romance series about a young woman once mentored by a ghost and now leading a spirit reckoning team, all of whom tangle with a fiercely driven demon-hunter from a different dimension.
THE RECKONERS Storm of Reckoning Deep River Reckoning


Demon TouchNight of the Tiger
"Demon Touch" kicks off the new Demon Blade series with a September '11 Nocturne Bite. The Sentinels series starts again with the December '11 Bite "Night of the Tiger."
  • Storm of Reckonging is on the shelves, and there are new bookmarks available!

  • The Heart of Dog anthology is live, and fundraising for ConneryBeagle's desperately needed care!

  • Two new books in the Sentinels series and a new Sentinels Nocturne Bite are on the way!

  • A brand new Nocture series on the way: Demon Blade! Two books and a Nocturne Bite to kick things off.

  • Touched by Magic is next in the queue for Backlist eBook release
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