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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."

Available Titles

Short Stories/Novelettes

Latest Releases/Re-Releases

Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Romantic Suspense
Changespell LegacyStorm of Reckoning Exception to the Rule Beyond the RulesChameleon

Hunter & Hunted Series

Romantic Suspense
Hidden Steel Exception to the Rule Beyond the RulesMaking the Rules Survival Instinct Chameleon

The Reckoners

Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
The Reckoners Storm of Reckoning On the WayStorm of Reckoning

Standalone Fantasies

A Feral DarknessSeer's BloodWolverine's Daughter

The Changespell Saga

BarrenlandsDun Lady's JessChangespellChangespell Legacy

Magic Rising

Touched By MagicWolf Justice



The Dale Kinsall Mysteries

Nose for TroubleScent of DangerTracking Murder

The Nocturne Sentinels

Paranormal Romance
Wild Thing Jaguar Night Lion Heart Wolf HuntNight of the TigerTiger BoundKodiak Chained

Lynx DestinyAlpha RisingLeopard Enchanted

Nocturne Demon Blade

Paranormal Romance
Taming the DemonDark Blade

Tie-In Books

TNG: Tooth and ClawHeritageDark DebtsImpressionsFearlessRevenge Ghost Trap