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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."

Beyond the Rules

Beyond the Rules

(Kimmer & Rio II)


Kimmer Reed: Street-wise runaway.  Survivor.  Now an unpredictable operative with a sharp instinct & even sharper wit.

Family. Can't live with 'em. Happy to live without 'em.

Kimmer Reed's childhood taught her as much.  And gave her the ingrained skills that make her Chimera, the Hunter Agency's top operative.

So when her estranged brother shows up on the run, Kimmer wants no part of his trouble. Turns out he's in deep danger of his own making, and his survival strategy is to send the bad guys after Kimmer and her hard-won world. 

Her home.  Her job. Her reputation. The man she loves. And two young nieces she's only just learning about.

Big mistake.

Because now Kimmer's on the warpath—and she's heading straight for the men who started it all.

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"Doranna Durgin's BEYOND THE RULES (4) is action-packed from start to finish. Kimmer is so strong that readers won't doubt for even a minute that she'll come out on top in the end. And Rio is a hero any woman could love."
--Romantic Times, Four Stars

"BEYOND THE RULES is a fascinating addition to the Bombshell line. Part action-adventure, part family drama, this story explores how far someone will go to do what's right..."
--Jennifer Wardrip, Romance Junkies

"BEYOND THE RULES is one of those reads that leaves you saying WOW! Kimmer Reed is a truly amazing heroine...the story flows wonderfully and keeps you on the edge of your seat."
--Wendy Keel, Romance Reader's Connection

"...Filled with unrelenting danger, heart-stopping action plus a wonderful touch of romance...With Kimmer's sharp-edged nature and brazen wit, Ms. Durgin has created a dynamic heroine. The storyline of this book merges the ever-present action and suspense with a heartfelt romance,"
--Amelia Richard, CataRomance

" Filled with action and exciting read."
--Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today