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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."




Silhouette Bombshell June 2005

Sequel: Comeback

FBI Legate (and Athena grad) Selena Shaw-Jones is opening counterterrorism discussions with wary Berzhaan when the Kemeni terrorists storm the building, taking hostages--the prime minister, capitol staff, and a group of touring students. Their demands are complex, their leader intense and effective, and and their interests driven by Jonas White, the man Athena Force graduates have been tracking for the past year.

And then there's Selena. The terrorists don't know she's in the building, but they're about to find out...
"CHECKMATE by Doranna Durgin is a great book with an interesting political plot and lots of action. Selena manages to evade the bad guys and kick some serious butt while maintaining her sense of humor."
--Romantic Times, Four Stars

" ...a thrilling ride...keeps you on the edge of your seat...exceptional story."
--The Romance Reader's Connection, Four Hearts

"A true action-adventure thriller with a romantic undertone that shows the underbelly of marriage, love, and trust, CHECKMATE is Doranna Durgin--and the Athena Force--at its best."
--Jen Wardrip, Romance Junkies: Blue Ribbon Rating 4.5

"With the skill of a fine surgeon, Doranna Durgin shows how one single-minded lady can keep an army of terrorists busy..."

"Readers will be pulled into this story, where the characters are genuine and the plot will have your heart racing. CHECKMATE is a riveting book and a satisfying conclusion to a wonderful series. Doranna Durgin definitely knows how to capture the reader's attention..."
--Amelia Richards, CataRomance Reviews: 4.5 stars

"CHECKMATE is an exciting, edge-of-your-seat adventure... The Athena Force Adventures are filled with strong, courageous, and cunning women, and this month it's Selena Jones' turn to shine. "
--Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today