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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Taming the Demon

Darkest Blade

Demon Steel Series

A blade wanted his soul…but she wanted his heart.

Gwen Badura lives by instinct, tied to the pendant she has worn since she was a child. Michael MacKenzie is driven by the demon blade he carries, his soul slowly poisoned by its demands.

They are both drawn to the city of Albuquerque by forces they do not understand…forces that require their submission—or their death. 

Thrown together by violence in a city being driven mad with hate, their connection—emotional and physical—is immediate, and fierce. They don't know the rules of this deadly game, only the penalty for losing. Gwen and Mac need to trust each other to survive—but the secrets they carry may destroy them first.

Darkest Blade is the third of the Demon Steel stories, the world of heroes and living steel.
Originally published as Claimed by the Demon

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The Demon Steel Series

At Blade's Edge / Shattered Blade / Darkest Blade
"Doranna Durgin is known for creating original stories with inventive adventurous paranormal tale of the fascinatingly unexpected."

"...Fast-paced, exciting story." --RT Book Reviews

"CLAIMED BY THE DEMON follows a blood-fueled blade thru Albuquerque as it, & Mac its wielder, seeks both relief & respite…" --Samanda Jeude's Twitter review

From the Nocturne Demon Blade Series:

"...Starts out with a bang and just keeps going until the final page... Author Doranna Durgin writes what we want to read." --Fresh Fiction

"Innovative premise...notably creative....filled with wonder."

"Brilliant, original, imaginative, powerful, fun, fast, and furious... I was barely into TAMING THE DEMON when I realized that Doranna Durgin had created something very special indeed. This is a whole, convincing, and utterly fascinating new take on demons and how they might interact with humans.... I want more. Bigger. LONGER!!!! May this be only the beginning." --Julie Czerneda, author of A TURN OF LIGHT

From the Nocturne Sentinels Series:

"Durgin offers a fast-paced and fascinating continuation of the Sentinel/Atrum Core good vs. evil battle, and Ruger and Mariska’s chemistry is seamlessly woven into the story." --RT Book Reviews

"How could hot bear shifters on a mission to rid the world of a despicable evil go wrong?...It filled me with the happy." --Delphina Reads Too Much

"Doranna Durgin definitely created an original world when she crafted this series... The paranormal and a love of animals are very evident...truly an awesome hero."

Reviews for Tiger Bound:

"...creative ideas, ground-breaking characters and emotionally charged conflicts." --Amelia Richards, Cataromance 4 Stars

"Maks Altan and Katie Rae Maddox couldn’t be any different if they tried...Maks and Katie are fully fleshed-out characters readers will love. --Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times 4 Stars

Reviews from Wolf Hunt, Sentinels #3:

"Durgin returns to the world of the Sentinels and the evil Atrum Core with a novel that nicely moves the story along.  Her characters are particularly well drawn.  Nick is clearly an alpha male, and Jet comes across as strong and determined in spite of her insecurities." -- Romantic Times; Four stars

"WOLF HUNT is a spellbinding combination of supernatural magic, emotional passions, and perilous danger." --CataRomance 5 Stars

"If you enjoy your shape shifter books with equal parts of action and romance, then this book is one that you should definitely check out." --Fresh Fiction