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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."

Exception to the Rules

Exception to the Rules

(Kimmer & Rio I)

Kimmer Reed is done running.

As a teen, she fled her abusive home—a survivor on her own terms—and swore never to return. But that was a lifetime ago. As a Hunter Agency operative, she's no longer a victim.

She's a protector.

Now she's gone undercover to protect the vulnerable genius who scrambles to fix a vital national security flaw. The mission means not only hiding from the bad guys and the ex-CIA field officer who's serving as an unofficial bodyguard, it means working in an area she never wanted to see again.

And it means that Kimmer, code named Chimera, must dig through her undercover identities and figure out who she really is. Because the only way she can save the present is to finally, truly, face her past.

But this time, the bad guys had better put on their running shoes.

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"Imagine the pace of the TV show Alias, the smart, emotional whammy of Buffy, and characters you care about every minute."
--Julie Czerneda, Aurora-winning Author of the Night's Edge series

About Kimmer & Rio in BEYOND THE RULES:

"Doranna Durgin's BEYOND THE RULES is action-packed from start to finish. Kimmer is so strong that readers won't doubt for even a minute that she'll come out on top in the end. And Rio is a hero any woman could love."
--Romantic Times, Four Stars

About MAKING THE RULES, from Smashwords & Amazon:

"Having read the first two books in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed the further adventures of Kimmer & Rio...In this story you get to see how Kimmer & Rio learn to trust themselves as partners when they are tested by outside forces. They know they are capable individually but this answers the questions of how they cope together. Great story, great characters, great author!" --Natski
"I've been a Doranna Durgin fan for years, and she consistently delivers all the things I like in a book...she doesn't disappoint in this, her first self-published book, either." --Karen Gould

"If you are looking for a story to help you fall asleep, don't pick this one. Kimmer and Rio are a good match, work well together, worry about each other and get the job done. Doranna Durgin has given us another great book." --Charles Thompson