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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Jaguar Night

Jaguar Night


Sentinels Book 1

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At dusk he prowled the Southwest, a huge, sleek black jaguar with startling blue eyes and a man’s thoughts. A shape-shifting Sentinel, Dolan Treviño projected an intensely animalistic aura that hid the scars of his past. Yet as fierce as his pride was, this immensely powerful guardian needed the intuition and spirit of an innocent horse trainer to find redemption.

The moment he set foot on her ranch, Meghan Lawrence rejected the shape-shifter’s protection—but she couldn’t turn her back on her family legacy. Her mother had died protecting a magical manuscript that the Sentinels’ dark counterparts would now do anything to recover. With an
unbreakable will and all-consuming passion, only Dolan possessed the strength to save Meghan. But was she strong enough to tame the beast within?
“An emotional story, and a sexy jaguar shifter readers will love.” --ParaNormal Romance

"Doranna Durgin jumpstarts her SENTINELS SERIES with JAGUAR NIGHT, a fast paced urban fantasy. The compelling plot is full of twists and turns; dilemmas escalating as each chapter unfolds. Doranna’s dynamic characters further enhance her work....JAGUAR NIGHT is a fascinating tale that caught me off-guard more than once. I look forward to Ms. Durgin’s future releases in this imaginative series." --Romance Junkies 4.5 Stars

"Startling twists and intriguing dilemmas make the innovative premise of JAGUAR NIGHT compellingly fascinating." --Cataromance 4.5 stars

"...Complex characters and an interesting storyline..." --Romantic Times 4 Stars