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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Lion Heart

Lion Heart

Sentinels Book 2

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Bonus! An interview with Joe Ryan and Fabron Gausto

Lion Heart was a Fresh Pick of the day at Fresh Fiction!

Joe Ryan has a rep as an unproven bad seed, a cougar-shifter whom no one will work with. His former partner is dead and while everyone suspects his involvement, no one can prove either his guilt or his innocence. But ocelet-shifter Lyn Maines, deeply scarred by corruption in her family's past, is determined to do just that--even after she realizes her instant attraction to him.

Yet neither Joe nor Lyn realize how deeply the Atrum Core has affected the area by siphoning energy from the powerful San Francisco Peaks of Joe's home--and the only way to stop it is if Joe and Lyn can overcome their deep differences to not only love together, but to work together...

Five StarsShape-shifting mountain lion Sentinel Joe Ryan is accused of killing his partner, but with no evidence, he is assigned to watch over the Arizona Mountains. Lyn Maines, an ocelot shifter, has been sent to prove whether or not Joe is guilty. As things escalate Lyn will need Joe's help to stop the Artum Core, but can she trust him when he is suspected of betrayal? --Romance Junkies

"Vivid imagery and magical circumstances make SENTINELS: LION HEART believable and profoundly emotional...SENTINELS: LION HEART weaves a touching romance into a story packed with hidden intrigue and an abundance of magical adventures."  --CataRomance 4 Stars

"Doranna Durgin continues her enthralling Sentinels series with her latest compelling installment, LION HEART. She does a wonderful job on creating complex characters and a fascinating world of shape shifters thrown into a battle of good vs. evil. The inner demons and the emotional struggles the hero and heroine go through only add to the intensity of the plot.  The detail depicted in the landscape and cat forms are just simply breathtaking. Be prepared to get caught up in the hazardous dilemmas, passionate romance, and magical moments that Ms. Durgin so cleverly delivers." --Romance Junkies 5 Stars