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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Rings of Ranadir

The Outlands Book II
Wolverine's Daughter

For Kelyn of Ketura, civilization has never been so uncivilized.

The Wolverine's Daughter has survived her first foray into the Outlands and found her father, but now she must discover what it means to be a half-breed daughter—born on the run, saved by sacrifice...and deeply cursed.  And while she's at it, how to rescue her mother's people from their own pride turned into deadly betrayal.

So many secrets.  So many lies.  So many innocents about to die...

Only a barbarian with wit and steel—and one wayward pony—can cut through to the truth in time to save them all.

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The Outlands Books

Emerging Legacy / Wolverine's Daughter/ Rings of Ranadir

Emerging Legacy Emerging Legacy:
A Short Story

The slavers who capture Kelyn's youthful hunting pack also threaten her village--which depends on the meat and trade pelts the pack brings in from the harsh land of Ketura.  But except for Kelyn, the pack is drugged…and Kelyn's nickname is Kelyn the Clumsy...

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The Outlands Books

Emerging Legacy / Wolverine's Daughter/ Rings of Ranadir

Praise for Wolverine's Daughter:

"When a sword and sorcery book begins with humor, it's fairly well guaranteed to be an excellent read.... This book whips along with impressive fight choreography, excellent background descriptions, and fascinating plotlines."

"With this new book, Doranna Durgin ventures into classic sword & sorcery -- and turns the subgenre upside down.... And I like Kelyn, who could kick Red Sonya’s steel bikini-clad butt from introduction to epilogue. Fantasy fans in general will love this book, but it has extra appeal for feminists and for warriors of the female persuasion."
--Hypatia's Hoard

"Furious action, clever rescues and a touch of romance make this a wonderful read."
Hannah Steenbock, author of Dorelle's Journey

"Kelyn is clumsy. Incredibly clumsy. Except when she's not - and when she's not, she's an incredible fighter. And she doesn't know the "why" of either state of being. Maybe she's cursed. Maybe it's the famous warrior father she never met, known only as The Wolverine. What's a girl to do? Go find out, of course.

"Kelyn's journey - quest, really - to find the man who sired her, and the adventures she has along the way is a great, fast, read (fast, because you won't be able to put it down). Durgin has a gift for creating richly layered characters who you can't help but love and root for, as they go over, under or through the many obstacles and trials the author throws their way. Lots of action, great characters, and prose that sparkles with wit and humor."
--Amazon Reader Karen JG