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Touched By Magic

Touched By Magic Baen

TBM--Embiid Touched By Magic
Baen August 1996
ISBN: 1587157209

Wildside Reprint
ISBN: 1587157209

Baen cover art by DKS
Embiid/Wildside art by Melisa Michaels of Embiid

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See reader Shannon Zosy's TBM-inspired artwork
Sequel: Wolf Justice

Magic has never been a part of Reandn's life. Almost gone from Keland when he was born, there is no trace of it left by the time he enters training with the King's Wolves, the elite force that patrols the king's lands.

Magic has never been a part of Reandn's life. Until the people under his care start dying. Until the threat extends to his family, and until he finds himself struggling through disorienting attacks of weakness that turn the very act of going out on patrol into an unacceptable risk. Someone, somewhere, is trying to draw magic back into Keland, and they don't care what--or who--is destroyed in the process.

But Reandn does.
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