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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Wolf Hunt

Tiger Bound

Sentinels Book 4

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Two wounded souls courageously unite to vanquish a ruthless predator in Doranna Durgin's highly emotional new romance...

Like the Siberian tiger whose form he takes, Maks Altán is a strong, ferocious fighter, and incredibly protective of his Sentinel kin--but thanks to a debilitating injury, he feels anything but capable. That is, until he's sent to guard Katie Maddox, a gorgeous healer who awakens a dangerous lust within him. The problem is, in the shifter world, Katie's deer alter ego is easy prey...and much too tempting for Maks.

As unnamed danger lurks just beyond her awareness, Katie has doubts--about her abilities, her role in the Sentinels, and the strong desire she feels toward her new protector. But somehow, the wounded predator and his wary prey must ignore their instincts, their fears, and their dangerous attraction to each other in order to defeat their common enemy...

Reviews for Tiger Bound:

"...creative ideas, ground-breaking characters and emotionally charged conflicts." --Amelia Richards, Cataromance 4 Stars

"Maks Altan and Katie Rae Maddox couldn’t be any different if they tried...Maks and Katie are fully fleshed-out characters readers will love. --Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times 4 Stars

Reviews from Wolf Hunt, Sentinels #3:

"Durgin returns to the world of the Sentinels and the evil Atrum Core with a novel that nicely moves the story along.  Her characters are particularly well drawn.  Nick is clearly an alpha male, and Jet comes across as strong and determined in spite of her insecurities." -- Romantic Times; Four stars

"WOLF HUNT is a spellbinding combination of supernatural magic, emotional passions, and perilous danger." --CataRomance 5 Stars

"If you enjoy your shape shifter books with equal parts of action and romance, then this book is one that you should definitely check out." --Fresh Fiction