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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Wolf Hunt

Wolf Hunt

Sentinels Book 3

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Nick Carter, Sentinel consul adjutent, runs as a timber wolf--and it shows. But few of his Sentinels know the line he's been walking within compromised Brevis Southwest, and he needs to keep it that way. Uncovering entrenched Atrum Core moles has proved to be a long-term effort, requiring much patience--but it's time to step up the hunt.

Jet is a woman with no last name, because Jet didn't start life as a woman at all. She is an Atrum Core construct, a wolf turned human, roughly educated to Core purposes and turned loose on a mission: Take out Nick Carter...

When the two come together, neither Sentinel nor Atrum Core will be able to predict--or contain--the results.

"Durgin returns to the world of the Sentinels and the evil Atrum Core with a novel that nicely moves the story along.  Her characters are particularly well drawn.  Nick is clearly an alpha male, and Jet comes across as strong and determined in spite of her insecurities." -- Romantic Times; Four stars

"WOLF HUNT is a spellbinding combination of supernatural magic, emotional passions, and perilous danger." --CataRomance 5 Stars

"If you enjoy your shape shifter books with equal parts of action and romance, then this book is one that you should definitely check out." --Fresh Fiction