Beagle Babies

Late May '04, A Final Visit to the Beagle Litter
and Connery Comes Home

Seven and a half weeks, and with much appreciated input from experienced Beagle folks, today the choice had to be made.

The two final candidates, after much hemming and hawing. The pup behind (blaze-face) is number three from the previous mug shots. The pup in front (dark-face) is number one from the first visit, number two from the second. This photo's a little blurry, but it shows the two of them together in good form.


The dark-faced pup says hello to Jennifer while the blaze-face takes advantage of the opportunity to go chomp!


The blaze-face demonstrates his single-minded sense of purpose.


And the envelope please....
Meet Cedar Ridge DoubleOSeven, or Connery.
(Yes, it's pup one from the first visit!)

final choice

Some pictures stand pretty much on their own...

What have I gotten myself into?

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