Agility Fun

Connery looooves his agility. He's in appropriate training, which means he's not jumping anything yet with his baby bones (he's seven months old in these photos) and isn't going over a full-height A-frame or spending a lot of time on any of the obstacles; we're mostly working things like contact "spots" and handling "on the flat," along with body awareness exercises and motivational stuff. But with this guy, just a few chances at the equipment are all it takes, and once a month or so he gets to play...

Here's a nice "down" on the table. With time and experience, I shouldn't have to get so close, but at this age, I'll take it! This table is at eight inches; he'll be competing at sixteen.

on the table

The dogwalk sequence: He left me behind on this one! Zoooom! On the contact obstacles, the dogs must always touch in the yellow zone for safety, and one accomplishes this by teaching "spots." Connery has learned his spots, but only in limited circumstances--so in the third photo, where he's not used to being ahead of me, he isn't quite sure what to do. (He should be sitting with his front feet on the ground and his bottom on the dogwalk.) For his first time reaching the contact zone ahead of me, this is a really nice effort. Happy me!

dogwalk one

dogwalk two

dogwalk three

The wheeeeeeeeee! tunnel! He consistently comes out of the tunnels in this LEAP mode...looking for cookies, natch.


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