The First Big Snow

The new year brought a lot of surprises...this storm was one of them. An ongoing surprise, actually, as it changed in nature over the hours--from a soft wet blanketing snow to a colder blizzardy storm. At just over nine months old, Connery took the opportunity to prove he's really still a Big Goof. These pictures were taken in the "eye" of the storm. The rest of it is still blowing itself out around us.

The peaceful scene before Beagle arrival and before Storm Part II roared in...

peaceful scene

Heeeeere comes ConneryBeagle!

troublemaking with Jean-Luc

The human threw a snowball for fetching. Connery's quite certain of it. It must be here somewhere...

snowball hunting

This snowball will do!

leaping with snowball

Snowball Keep-Away!

Snowball Keep-Away

(I take a moment to remind the gentle reader that Jean-Luc, due to brain injury shortly after birth, is a strange child. He eats things. He eats things that will kill him. He therefore wears this amazing contraption of a muzzle, which makes him look like Cujo but keeps him healthy.)

An Interlude of Beagle Levitation

Beagle Levitation

A Final Triumph Over Snowball

Triumph over snowball

Singing into the much deeper snow two days later. Such an unusual echo...


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