Connery Candids, Summer '05

There was a photo contest for the Beagle National Specialty this year, so I kept an eye out for some good ones to enter. These were taken by either me or Tom Powers, and "processed" by me. My favorites? Top and bottom...

A gleeful Beagle on the dog walk.


For those of you who have heard of Connery's beloved treat bottle, here it is. He loves to take it on victory laps around whatever jumps might be set up. This photo took an honorable mention.

Victory lap

Another of Connery's favorite things...hanging out on the dogloo to survey his domain. Big fat Beagle grin, optional.

Dogloo grins

This one didn't come out clearly enough in the low light to enter it, but I still like it...


Someone's got to take care of those kite-eating trees. Connery gave this one a whupping.


more tree-whupping

And then we have the obligatory glamor shots:

Beagle Glam

Beagle Glam 2

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