The Pack

Early July Heats Up

Connery heads into his "pre-teen" months. Soon we'll have teething; for now we usually have one big happy family.

Meet Connery's friend, Moose. Moose lives in Connery's crate and keeps him good company. Moose may may or may not have a food bowl hanging off of his butt to keep him balanced for this picture.


In early July, Connery was very sick with a mystery infection. He knew right where to find comfort. It's Moose, of course.


Bonus picture! The west view from the dog yard.


And here's everyone, with Belle and Kacey (and Mystery Legs) in the background as Connery plays with Mt. Jean-Luc. Jean-Luc doesn't grok Connery, so he mostly sits like a lump while Connery has his way.

the gang

Belle on the Fourth of July, with barbecue smoke drifting past her picturesque pose.


The latest version of a show stack. Lots to learn yet, not to move in the middle of the moment.


Another bonus pic. Here's the Jacket Fire, 10 miles away.

Jacket Fire

And Belle shows her Noble Pose

Belle pose

Belle has a unique way of "talking" to her people; she nods her head up. Never a random gesture, but always a regal acknowledgment. She did it at me while I was taking these pictures.

Belle nod

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