Agility Practice Photos

Flagstaff, July '04

The agility dogs get a lot of breaks this time of year, as they well deserve. But we still keep up the training and run the occasional course. The footing here is black volcanic cinder...whoo, was it hot this day! I am a color coordination disaster, but the dogs look good.

Jean-Luc finishes up the course exiting from a serpentine (a line of jumps which are jumped in an "S" pattern) and headed for a turn away from me. Most of his guidance in this moment is coming from my shoulders--and you can see how he's taken the jump at a good slicing angle, already headed for the next jump out.


Belle's about halfway through this course. She's doing a "switch", which means she's going to change lead legs over this jump (from right to left lead), meaning her arc of travel will change as well, and she knows to look for me on her other side. I'm crossing sharply behind her--the next jump is a hard turn left, and it's positioned so Belle can't really perceive it unless she follows my handling directions.


Here's the serpentine, one jump earlier than in the Jean-Luc photo. Again, it's all about the shoulders.

Belle 2

The final jump, and Belle has spied her reward: The Beloved Fishpole Toy.

Belle 3

The Fishpole Toy is better than any leash...(there's a blue fuzzy toy at the end of the line...and in Belle's mouth). The jumps are already going up for the next dog...

Belle 4

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