Duncan profile Spring '04 line art

It's been a couple of months since we started lessons again after our long "we don't feel so good" layoff, and we're slowly developing Duncan's gaits and his ability to compress and expand (which will lead to collection). Here's one of my first rides in the new dressage saddle--the stirrups are too long because I haven't yet taken sharp implements to the leathers to make new holes, so (sigh) thus continues the constant struggle to keep my leg where it should be, documented for the world to see. So look at Duncan. Though the changes in his carriage are subtle, they're definite. Wheeee!

Photos on this page by Thomas P. Powers

shoulder-in We're still working those shoulder-ins. The neat thing about lateral exercises like this is that you can use them all the way through a horse's education, asking for a different emphasis as the horse progresses.
canter Cantering in a higher frame...he's pulling himself together, using his back and his haunches, and is really putting in a good effort here.
collect Remember the work we started in Summer '03, before the Mystery Illness struck? If you compare this shot to the middle image on that page, you can see how he's softer, higher in front, and really learning how to use himself. We need to add some energy to this, but...step by step...

(the two photos are side by side at the bottom of the page for comparison)
low trot And here's a warm-down rising trot--you can see he's in a much lower frame, but still working nicely through his whole neck and back. (For the curious--yep, I managed to push my glasses back up my nose before they took a dive!)
warm-down The warm-down shot, showing a nice round stretch. I'm pointing at something particularly important, I'm sure.
best shot  collect

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