Duncan profile Summer '04 line art

It's hot. We're just playing around--riding early to beat the heat and the almost daily monsoon lightning/thunder (and always hoping for rain to go along with it!). I've started some stretches before and after our rides, which he thinks are silly and fun. Any blurring in the liberty photos is purely artistic and has nothing to do with the way I'm juggling the longe whip and the camera...

Photos on this page by me and other

stre-etch One of our new stretches...more work for me than it is for him!
under the sun Hot, hot, hot. And you know, it turns out that that helmet always sits crooked. Is it my head or the helmet? O, the mystery..
offended trot This is a singularly offended horse eyeing my longe whip with some great monsoon clouds in the background
still offended The haughty Lipizzan making faces at me behind the barn
cantering wild Okay, now we're moving!
Duncan and Ace go wild Duncan and Ace, wild men.

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