Duncan profile Fall '04 line art

We've just been playing these past months--not trying to advance spectacularly, just exploring field trips and cementing the basics. He's got some nice energy in these pics, though, good correct stuff. I'll let you guess the weather from the number of layers I've got on...

long and deep Working long and low and deep. Riding this is like riding a wave machine.
relaxed trot A lovely relaxed trot, very soft. Ahhh.
huffy comment It's an inside joke. Duncan's dropping the connection right in front of his withers and faking it like only he can do--see that nice relaxed flexion in his legs? Sneaky...and something he can pull off because of his conformation. But I caught him--and when I told him the jig was up, he made a huffy comment. It's all one big conversation...
collected We're still playing with collection, just not as assiduously. Here he's collected on leg at posting trot--he's not behind the bit with that slightly loose rein, as it might seem.

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