Duncan profile Winter '04 line art

We're still playing, but have added in more canter work. Duncan has a hard time with it because of his stifle, especially left lead, and I'm trying to build his confidence with short successful interludes. And look, more layers! More cold! More wind!

warmed up We're warmed up and heading for canter work, starting a series of half-halts to get his attention.
right lead Right lead canter. He's pretty confident with this one.
left lead Left lead. He's a little anxious, and needs to be more forward on this lead. But he's pulling it together, so I'm pretty thrilled there in the saddle.
trot energy And boy, what an energetic trot he has coming out of that canter work!
silhouette Not a perfectly straight halt (he's dropping out with his bad stifle), but a silhouette that makes me smile. That is, if I'd known I was posing for a piccie at that moment and wasn't looking down at my hands to fiddle with gloves and reins. But hey, Duncan has it together!
flirting Flirting horse. Much happy with self.

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