Duncan profile Finally! Spring '07 line art

It's been a while for Duncan pictures. Mostly because they were more of what they've been--and that was mostly because we seemed to end up stalled in the same place. (Not meant to be a pun!) Then last fall I pulled off his dressage saddle--yes, the one I adored, the one I had fitted and examined and checked out by all--and put him back into his old close contact Maxam, but mostly in a bareback rig called the Little Joe.

And thus we sprang back to life. He likes the bareback rig best, and here we are in it. I ride without the stirrups sometimes--boy is that great for the seat!--but here we're using them. It's a seat we're still perfecting--my inside leg tends to come up if it's in use, and this boy needs a lot of inside leg--and doesn't quite look like what you'd find in a saddle. But we're having a blast with it. Instead of pouring through a session of photos to pick out the handful of "Yeah!" shots, I've got nearly the whole session to choose from; his consistency is a delight. Mine, not so much. Gotta quit rolling the shoulders to give of these days....

Lots of drive here. He tends to go light on the rein when he's especially softened through his back; it's not something I correct, as he is still very much on the aids and moving correctly.

left lead

A nice series of canter pics, from a relaxed and forward ride into the bridle to some moderate collection.


canter rt


The trickier left lead, thanks to his bionic outside stifle.

left lead

And a shoulder-in, albeit not from an angle in which it's obvious.


A passagey trot...we're both working hard for this one!


All Photos © Thomas P. Powers


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