Duncan profile Spring '98 line art

Duncan headshot Here's Duncan hanging out after a ride. By now he knows what the camera is all about, and that I'd prefer him to stand in one place and apply various noble expressions. He prefers to fall asleep, but occasionally finds something interesting at which to perk his ears.
Duncan posing Here he is standing for me. I'd wiped down the saddle and sweat marks for the photos, but as he kicked up the dust of the arena, he gathered a nice layer of ick on the wet areas. At least he's not like me; he doesn't have severe helmet hair. He does have an interesting pink tint from the sunset that drove the photo developing guy nuts. He couldn't quite get a handle on the notion of my manly pink Lipizzan.
power trot The Power Trot. Here he is at liberty, trotting free-longe circles around me. His whole body is carrying through the power of his thrust, from his tail to his neck. It doesn't get any better than this!
The mark on his neck is where he's still healing from his nasty abcess.
Look at Me! Still quite full of himself at heart! When I asked him for canter he picked it up quite nicely, and then deliberately looked straight at me as if to say, See there? Look at me!

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