Duncan profile Fall 2002 Gallery line art

Shy rider disclaimer! These are training pictures, and aside from my riding glitches (don't even look at my heels, please!), you'll see things that reflect what we're working on--long reins, or me stretching my arms to give him rein, or out of the saddle in rising trot, or...well, okay. You get the idea. Not claiming to be perfect...

Photos on this page by Thomas P. Powers

opening conversation Here we are picking up with the work we stopped with his injury in '98. Of course he's been active in the intervening years, but each rider/horse relationship is unique, and we've had to get reacquainted. In this picture we're having a little conversation at the beginning of the ride; he's flexed a little left because I've asked for it.
at a walk I like this one...he's using his back end, and he's really coming through--that is, he's not tense in his back or shoulders, so the energy cycles right through to help him reach for the bit.
downhill trot He needs to come through a little more here, but wow, can't complain about that reach, especially not on a downhill slope. Too bad we're missing the back end of this one. (Here's where you have to pretend not to see my heels, okay?)
shoulder-in on a circle, December (I'm cheating--this is from December)
Here's a shoulder-in on a circle to encourage him to bring the inside hind leg through and to stretch into the bit, which he's doing. Plus it's just a pretty horsie in the snow. Like his spiffy tail wrap?

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