Duncan profile Summer 2003 line art

We've been hard at work since last summer, though as usual these photos show training in progress (yes, more excuses about my position). These pictures are from our first attempt at collection, and you can see that I'm sorting out what to do with my arms, and that while Duncan is raising his front half and using his hind end well, he's not yet really fully engaging his back. All the same I love these photos for what they do show--a wonderful flexion in his joints and a softness coming through to the bit. Besides, he's got on his Power Red saddle pad!

Photos on this page by Jennifer Roberson

warm-up Here's a nice warm-up pic. He's coming through, he's soft, he's using his back end quite nicely. Not to mention it's a silly picture in that he's been caught in a walk phase with only one foot solidly on the ground.
collecting Just starting some shoulder-in. Unlike last winter (see Fall '02 at the bottom), this time we're using the shoulder-in to help him understand the collection. My inside leg is too tense but he's got some wonderful movement in play.
best shot This is a neat shot--Jennifer took it from a low angle. Duncan's really trying to puzzle out how to use himself. It's another slight shoulder-in.
a small break We're back to moving straight again, giving him a small break and thinking time. You can see how the work has loosened him up, though he needs to come to the bit a little better than he is here.
final shoulder-in Here he's put it all together. He's got the joint flexion and movement, the shoulder-in bend (though the picture is taken from an unusual angle), and the softness.

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