Duncan profile New Year '04 line art

Since the last batch of photos from July, Duncan's training has stalled somewhat. In August he caught the Flagstaff Mystery Illness and spent nearly four months regaining his strength and conditioning. About the time he was eager for real work again, Yours Truly hit a patch of Extended Health Trials. We're slowly pulling it together, looking forward to starting up again with lessons. These pictures were taken on a cold, blustery day...doesn't it make you shiver just looking at them?

PS Duncan is very hairy.

Photos on this page by Thomas P. Powers

haunches in Haunches-in with the picture taken at an angle; this is an exercise that really helps to loosen and strengthen Duncan's bionic stifle.
haunches-in prep Here's a learning moment that came from a correction. We're about to start haunches-in along the other fenceline, but Duncan anticipated and started to rush. I asked him to think by halting him on seat and he pulled himself up into a collected almost-halt.
trot off After each fenceline of lateral work, we move off in a more relaxed frame to re-energize Duncan. Here's a moment with energy, "forward," and nice relaxed flexion; he's not coming through as well as he might, but I suspect that's because his rider (ahem) is leaning forward with the release of the reins.
canter Canter work thrown in between shoulder-in and haunches-in work. Forward, relaxed, reaching..."ooh!"
walking down Another "ooh!", again between lateral work.
the reward Just in case Duncan's convinced you his life is all work and no goodies...
the end Relaxed, happy horse. Tired rider. Who knew that helmet was on crooked all this time?

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