Storm of Reckoning
The Reckoners:

"Ghosts, aliens, danger, romance, and a not-cat. As Lisa McGarrity might say, 'what's not to like?'"
--Anne Bishop, author of the Black Jewels series

"...A fast-paced urban fanasy romp that sizzles, amazes, and utterly enchants."
--Julie Czerneda, author of Rift in the Sky


Dee and Duncan
Duncan isn't my first horse, but he is of such importance in my life that he's always seemed ever-present, despite the accident that separated us for several years.

He came to me greenbroke at the age of four, a Lipizzan gelding by the registered name of Pluto Gladys. I immediately christened him with the barn name of Duncan. (In truth, he chose it from a long list of possibilities, but that's another kind of story.)

Duncan is classic Lipizzan who bonds closely and sweetly with those who respond to him, doesn't bother to notice people who offer him inadvertent equine rudenesses, and refuses to suffer fools at any level. He's a complex and talented character any way you look at him.

Duncan's photo album (all in legacy design pages)