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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Lynx Destiny

Alpha Rising

Sentinels Book 7

(Also titled Night of the Alpha Wolf)

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A USA Today "Must Read" book!

Time is running out for Sentinel Alpha Phelan Stewart...for a new enemy has risen, and only reluctant Sentinel ward Holly Faulkes can unmask the danger. 

Wayward Sentinel Holly Faulkes lives a practical life formed by the need to hide from Atrum Core enemies, Sentinel allies, and the world at large. Now things are changing whether she likes it or not...but the Sentinels are in for a surprise if they think she'll come meekly.

Lannie Stewart is an alpha wolf with an innate ability to build pack—but he's never faced a full-blooded field Sentinel denying her own heritage even as he begins to lose his grip on his own.

Holly is about to learn exactly what these misguided dreamers called Sentinels do, and exactly why she's so important to them--especially when it comes to one lone alpha wolf.

"Intense paranormal thriller" --USA Today

"...Sparkling as always." --RT Book Reviews

"Finally! A strong, healthy hero who is gentle with the people he loves, and a strong, feminine heroine who stands up to evil with grace and dignity even when she's shaking in her boots. In other words, these are people that I would love to have as my best friends. The setting is so well done you can practically taste the water in the desert. And the action is totally believable even as it keeps you guessing." --Amazon Reader

"I really liked Alpha Rising. Both of the leads were strong: Holly, railing against the loss of her old life, yet stepping up when she's the only one who can fight the evil invading the area around Lannie's property, and Lannie with his quite strength, who gives so much of himself that he fears there won't be anything left, but still does it because of his innate Alpha need to protect his pack -I really loved Lannie, he's one of the best kinds of heroes." --Net Galley Reviewer

"What these two ultimately decide to do in several situations proves their inner strength, and I am glad to have been on the journey with them. ALPHA RISING has imaginative circumstances and strong-willed characters." --Amelia Richards, 

"Durgin has a gift for creating complex characters and plots, in finely detailed settings. Maybe it's because she writes in several other genres as well as these so-called "category romance" books. At any rate, I've been loving this Sentinels series, even though I don't read a lot of category romance books. All of the Sentinels in the series are well drawn, with nicely-fitted character traits that echo the animal other. This was kind of special because we don't know what Holly's animal "other" is until nearly the end of the book. But when it's revealed, after thinking back to all the character interactions, I could only say "Oh! Of course!" The characterization was *that* perfect! And if you want steam? It's got steam! But not so much that you can't see the plot through it, which is another thing I like in a book." --Barnes & Noble Reader

Reviews for Lynx Destiny:

"Another compelling story...LYNX DESTINY is magically enchanting." --Amelia Richards, 

"Skillfully woven" --RT Book Reviews

Reviews for Kodiak Chained:

"Durgin offers a fast-paced and fascinating continuation of the Sentinel/Atrum Core good vs. evil battle, and Ruger and Mariska’s chemistry is seamlessly woven into the story." --RT Book Reviews

"How could hot bear shifters on a mission to rid the world of a despicable evil go wrong?...It filled me with the happy." --Delphina Reads Too Much

"Doranna Durgin definitely created an original world when she crafted this series... The paranormal and a love of animals are very evident...truly an awesome hero."

Reviews for Tiger Bound:

"...creative ideas, ground-breaking characters and emotionally charged conflicts." --Amelia Richards, Cataromance 4 Stars

"Maks Altan and Katie Rae Maddox couldn’t be any different if they tried...Maks and Katie are fully fleshed-out characters readers will love. --Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times 4 Stars

Reviews from Wolf Hunt:

"Durgin returns to the world of the Sentinels and the evil Atrum Core with a novel that nicely moves the story along.  Her characters are particularly well drawn.  Nick is clearly an alpha male, and Jet comes across as strong and determined in spite of her insecurities." -- Romantic Times; Four stars

"WOLF HUNT is a spellbinding combination of supernatural magic, emotional passions, and perilous danger." --CataRomance 5 Stars

"If you enjoy your shape shifter books with equal parts of action and romance, then this book is one that you should definitely check out." --Fresh Fiction