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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Nose for Trouble

Nose for Trouble

The Dale Kinsall Mysteries, Book 1

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Previous editions:
Five Star First Edition Mystery
Wheeler Cozy Mystery
WorldWide Mystery
WorldWide Mystery Large Print

PS Yes, that's Dart Beagle on the cover
PPS Yes, I did that cover for FoxAcre

Dale Kinsall, DVM, and his young Beagle Sully are brand new to the high desert of the American Southwest. Determined to escape reminders of the catastrophic fire that scarred his memory and damaged his lungs, Dale arrives to a clinic populated by an eccentric staff, even odder clients—and a community all abuzz about a recent murder.

The wagging tongues grow even louder when Dale himself stumbles across a second victim on his very first day at the clinic—a man drowned in his own drought-dusty backyard—and that’s just the beginning. Dale’s new boss is less than pleased that scandal and chaos seem to trot along at Dale’s heels.

Before much longer it becomes evident that Dale, Sully, and the clinic are all at risk, even as Dale’s fledgling relationship with a local colleague turns serious in more ways than one. Trouble seems to be closing in on all of them. But how can Dale solve the mystery when he’s not even sure what the mystery is? And how can he protect everyone and everything he cares about?

There’s only one thing for certain: just like Sully, Dale has a Nose for Trouble...

Tracking Murder

Tracking Murder

The Dale Kinsall Mysteries, a novella

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Who really has the nose for trouble…Flagstaff veterinarian Dale Kinsall or his young Beagle Sully?  A trip to New Mexico for a tracking dog test leaves Dale with as many questions as answers…especially when Sully, true to form, tracks his way to more than the final glove.

The third mini-installment of the Dale Kinsall mystery series

"In this wonderfully engaging mystery, veteran author Doranna Durgin introduces the appealing Dr. Dale Kinsall, an accomplished veterinarian and recent transplant from Ohio to Arizona. When Dale, accompanied by his sidekick, a Beagle named Sully, arrives at his new veterinary clinic in the desert, bizarre events occur from the outset.... Nose for Trouble provides true insight into the practice of veterinary medicine. A captivating read..."
--Lynne Maxwell, Mystery Scene

"NOSE FOR TROUBLE is a lighthearted funny amateur sleuth tale starring a caring individual.... The eccentric support cast, mostly those working at the clinic, Laura, and Sully, finds themselves in amusing predicaments that will have the audience laughing out loud."
--Harriet Klausner

"...Keeps you interested from page one....I highly recommend Ms. Durgin's latest work to one and all."
--Wendy Keel, Romance Reader's Connection, 4 daggers

"Romance and Mystery Plus Fun!
A Nose for Trouble does it all. With Beagle! ...The mystery kept me turning pages madly, when I wasn't giggling. But what really caught my heartstrings were the interactions between the main character and his dog. Nothing sappy, everything real. Written by someone who knows dogs and people, and brings out the best in both."
Julie Czerneda, author of SURVIVAL