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Alpha Rising
"Durgin has a remarkable gift for inventing unusual characters doing incredible things."


Wolf JusticeWolf Justice

Wolf Justice

Magic Rising Book II

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Original Release: Baen Books '98
Sequel to Touched By Magic


Magic is back--and only the man who once tried to stop it can save his world from what happens next.

Magic is back in Reandn's world--and when wizards use it to slaughter his Remote Wolf Patrol, he is left adrift in a society still reeling from the changes wrought by magic' return.

But King's Keep offers him a chance to regain his rank: escort the beloved Higborn woman through the rebel-torn Resioran border to King's Keep. Soon enough Reandn is embroiled in wizard's treachery. To make it out alive--to keep Kalena alive and prevent a catastrophic wizard war--he'll have to face his own worst enemy.


New cover art by Doranna Durgin
Baen cover art by DKS

"Wolf Justice will delight fans... Well-rounded and wildely appealing, this one comes highly recommended."
--Hypatia's Hoard

Praise for Touched by Magic:

"Doranna Durgin envelops her appealing characters with a rare, shimmering aura of mystic legend."
--Romantic Times

"[Durgin] has a magic touch for creating rich fantasy."
--Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

"I loved Touched by Magic and was sorry to see it end."
--S.M. Stirling

"Mystery, suspense, and loyalty fill out the plot, but primarily this novel focuses on the dangers of obsession. it also deals hauntingly with loss: of loved ones, of home and status, of entire ways of life.... It will keep you guessing right to the end, and there are no simple solutions to the complex problems presented."
--Hypatia's Hoard